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The Maalouf Salon is located in Birmingham Michigan.


Material: Stainless steel

Client: The Maalouf Brothers
Client Testimonial:

This salon is fabulous!! I do not have a good track record with getting my hair and makeup done by strangers, but these stylists are outstanding and I have never been happier! I came to Maalouf on Saturday with a bridal party. We were scheduled with a number of stylists (Jewells, Toni, Scotty and Johnny) and Leslie and Nancy did our makeup. ALL of us were thrilled with the outcomes. Here's a little breakdown of the services we got...

Hair: Two girls got up dos, two got half up styles and two of us had our hair done down, and they all turned out great. I had Toni and would go back in a second. I have long hair and some bangs that I'm trying to grow out and she blended the bangs in perfectly. I pretty much let her do whatever she thought would look best, but said I wanted to keep it down and wanted to keep the length (so basically I didn't want a head of tight curls). She make my hair beautiful, full and wavy and I wish I could have her do my hair everyday!!

Makeup: The group was split between Nancy and Leslie, but there were other makeup artists there as well working on clients and all of their makeup looked great. My skin had just broken out a bit (of course), but Nancy had my skin looking perfect. I asked for a smoky, dramatic eye with a nude lip and that's exactly what I got. I loved the colors she chose (they sell their makeup there, but it's a tad pricey) and for the first time ever my under eye circles didn't come out looking grey. My makeup stayed on all afternoon and night. I have never been so happy with a makeup application, as was everyone. The only thing we had to touch up was our lips. Each of the girls wanted something different with our makeup and Nancy and Leslie delivered for each of us.

I will be going back to Maalouf ASAP